Friday Finds: Finding Winnie – The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear

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Happy Friday Readers!

Every Friday here at Mini Moments of Magic I will be sharing with you my latest picture book favorite finds. Today’s featured book, Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear by Lindsay Mattick and illustrated by Sophie Blackall, caught my eye during my latest trip to my local bookstore. That particular trip to the bookstore two weeks ago was actually one of the reasons I finally started this blog. I can never seem to go into a bookstore without leaving with at least two new picture books to add to my collection. For those of you who don’t know me, this may not seem unusual, but I don’t have any children… I don’t even have any nieces or nephews to spoil with picture book treasures. Nope! All of the picture books in my collection I’ve bought for myself (and I guess my future children). Give me a picture book over a ‘grown-up’ book any day! Lucky for me, my husband only thinks I’m a little bit bananas! :p

On to today’s review!

Finding Winnie snagged my attention immediately when I walked into the children’s section of the bookstore. It was featured on a table with other award-winning contemporary picture books, but the adorable bear on the cover instantly drew me to this particular book. Winnie seems to be staring longingly at the readers begging for them to take him home. Even from just looking at the cover, it’s clear to see why Sophie Blackall won the 2016 Caldecott Medal for her illustrations. The moment I knew I had to have this book though was when I read the story’s tagline, “The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear”. Of course, the bear they are referring to is none other than Winnie the Pooh! I had no idea that A.A. Milne’s character, Winnie the Pooh, was based on a real bear, but as a huge Disney fan, this was a must have for my collection. Honestly, I didn’t even read the book in the store (which is unusual for me), but I when I did finally get to reading it a few days later, I was amazed by this touching true tale.

This story begins with a mother snuggled in bed with her son. The little boy, Cole, asks his mother to tell him a true story about a bear. As the mother tells this unbelievable story, we get also get snippets of Cole’s side commentary. This gives Finding Winnie a touching real-life aspect and feel. The mother’s bedtime story is about a veterinarian, Harry Coleburn, who rescues a baby bear from a trapper on his way to take care of the Canadian cavalry in World War I. It follows the adventures of Capt. Coleburn and a very special bear, Winnie, up until the point where Winnie meets Christopher Robin (yes, he was real too!). I won’t give too much more away but know that this is a wonderful book!


Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear by Lindsay Mattick & Illustrated by Sophie Blackall


Finding Winnie‘s Mini Moment of Magic: The SURPRISE at the end! I definitely didn’t see it coming, and it makes this true story even more incredible. You will just have to get the book and read it for yourself!

I highly recommend this book!!!! I would give it an 11/10! It really is that good! Finding Winnie would make an excellent Christmas gift for any little bear fans/book lovers/young readers in your life. I think this is a story that will be cherished by parents and children alike, and I recommend it for children ages 3-7. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Happy Reading!

❤ Jordan

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