I’m Jordan! I’m Queen Bee here at Mini Moments of Magic. I’m a proud Navy Wife about to start the next chapter of my life in Okinawa, Japan – where my husband will be stationed for the next 2 years. We have one fur baby, Tiger, and although we have not started a family of our own yet, I’m very much in touch with my inner child! I have always been very passionate about Children’s Literature, and one of my lifelong dreams is to become a picture book author.

I have been a dance teacher for over 10 years, and I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. I’ve waffled back and forth about getting my Master’s in Library Science, but have decided to pursue blogging and writing to fulfill my passion for Children’s Literature.

Random Things I Love (which you will probably see come up in some of my book selections): Reading, Crochet, Dance/Ballet, Keys, Dessert, Shopping, Photography and all things DISNEY!

Why “Mini Moments of Magic” and Why Picture Books?

I love the power a good book has to transport you to another world. I especially love how picture books illustrate the author’s tale and take it one step further, fully immersing you in the story. Each book is its own Mini Moment of Magic that transports you to the author’s world!